Optimiz makes people fitter and healthier. We coach people in exercising, nutrition and relaxation. We apply best practices based on the latest industry insights. We focus on customers who value high quality coaching.

Optimiz was founded by Wanno Wardenaar in 2007. As a teenager he was a talented endurance athlete with a passion for sport in general. During his first year at University, studying Human Movement Sciences, he started working for one of the best sports rehabilitation trainers in the Netherlands. One of the first athletes he trained was childhood hero, international soccer star, Jari Litmanen.

From that time on he learned about nutrition, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and was involved in assisting many athletes, especially soccer players, but also Olympic athletes, the Dutch national hockey teams, the Dutch national equestrian teams, the Dutch national korfball team, gymnasts and professional cyclists. For his master thesis he conducted rehabilitation tests with Ajax soccer players.

Over the following years Wanno worked with, among others, exercise physiologist Jos Geijsel and innovator coach Henk Kraaijenhof. Through the coaching of artists, entrepreneurs, managers, military and police personnel, he broadened his knowledge in stress and health. Optimiz incorporates all this knowledge and experience, together with an expanding team of talented trainers, to help realise fitness and health goals and to maximise performance.