• 'Last year Wanno told me about the Optimiz Health Program. A combination of nutritional advice, supplements and sport. In the past I’ve tried different diets, some successful, others less so. The problem with most diets is that long term commitment is almost impossible. The great thing about the Optimiz Health Program is that it’s not so much a diet with a fixed daily menu, but it’s like a new lifestyle. Tailored advice about nutrition and sport, based on your body type and way of living. By changing the things you do (incorrectly) every day, you maximise result. Not one single day did I feel like I was following a program, and yet I have lost 16 kilograms. For the first time in my life I have ran a 10 kilometre race and I’m now training for the ‘Dam tot Damloop’.'
  • 'Marco van Basten, when his reputation was still squeaky clean, once said some rather wise and yet remarkable words. It sort of came down to this: most trainers you encounter in your career don’t teach you anything. Some may even unteach you something, while only few actually succeed in conveying knowledge. In my life and time I’ve seen enough trainers to confidently say that Wanno is one of those trainers van Basten was talking about. The exception to the rule. Whether you’re training at dawn when the world is still asleep, at night after a busy day, before or after lunch, Wanno is always on point and enthusiastic. An old (Dutch) adage says: one crazy person can ask more questions than a hundred wise people can answer. Wanno on the other hand, could answer all my questions satisfyingly. Wanno, thank you for all our training sessions, I’ll remember them fondly. Thanks for all the good talks, I’ve learned a lot. And last but not least, thanks for all the fun, it made the toughest exercises a little less tough.'
  • 'My first marathon went really well! The coaching I got from Optimiz was very effective. I felt so strong. I was even able to increase my tempo during the last 7 kilometre, because I knew I was almost there and I had enough energy to cross the finish line under the 4 hour mark. Incredible! At the very end I ran passed runners who were suffering from cramps and other pain, it looked like a battlefield…'
  • 'I’ve always managed to avoid any ‘gym-style’ work out, because I found it boring. I was a keen soccer player and I wanted to try out as many sports as I could. There came a time in my life when things started to change, a busy schedule and a profession which (predominantly) involves sitting at a desk. Luckily I got the opportunity to train with Wanno and other Optimiz personal trainers. All my non-football sporting needs are effectively fulfilled with the greatest expertise. What a revelation! Everything seems possible and my work outs are diverse and above all, fun. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been!'
  • 'Wanno stimulated me a lot during our sessions. I find Wanno to be very sympathetic. He was able to make me stronger and to raise the bar physically. Chapeau!'
  • 'Optimiz has provided me with running coaches for several years. By training and making nutritional changes, I have succeeded in increasing my stamina and I reached my desired weight within a couple of months. The fixed ap-pointments gave me the discipline to work out on a regular basis. I was an inexperienced runner, but my stamina improved so much that I was able to finish the ‘Dam tot Damloop’. I will try to run even faster this year!'
    Prof. Steven R. Schuit
    Allen & Overy LLP
  • 'I am a busy man involved in international trade and I work long hours. Peo-ple often ask me: "How do you make time to exercise four times a week?" Training is an investment in myself that actually buys me time: I am less tired, I can work longer hours and I feel fitter. The Optimiz trainers keep me moti-vated through plenty of variety and enormous expertise. More than enough reason to continue enthusiastically.'
    Jair Eisenmann
    Managing Director
    PharmaMatch B.V.
  • 'After playing soccer in the highest Dutch league and in the United States I was forced to step back for a year. However, when the professional soccer league for women was launched, I was determined to be a part of it. I contacted Wanno in order to prepare myself for the selection rounds and subsequently for playing in the league. By means of an excellent plan, he did more than just prepare me for professional soccer games, he helped me reach my goal to play the highest possible level in soccer. The effect of the training was soon visible and I’m convinced this helped me being picked by Ado Den Haag. Wanno has encouraged me to get the best out of myself. I look back at the period he trained me with joy and I will certainly recommend him to everyone.'
    Rianne Schorel
    Professional Soccer Player
  • 'I always have lots of fun with Wanno. He is very good at explaining and he has very good exercises.'
    student (14 years)
  • 'Working as a physio-manual therapist, I meet many people with joint problems. During the final rehabilitation phase (when the conditions for basic movements are met, but sport specific exercise are still a challenge) I like to work with Wanno. Like no other he is able to create a sport specific rehabilitation program, allowing the client to function like before. That goes for sports, but also for every day life or work. Through specific training most clients become stronger than before the injury. Even in the absence of physical complaints, Wanno’s way of training is very effective for personal objectives. I know, because I always have my personal training programs made by Wanno.'
    Roel Wilbers
    Manual Therapist - Occupational Physiotherapist
  • 'Wanno knows exactly what he's doing: He’s professional, his training ses-sions are challenging, tailor made and focused on what my body needs! I highly recommend him as a personal trainer!'
  • 'Wanno determines your state of mind and physical condition every training perfectly and he adjusts the training accordingly. Furthermore, he is always up to date regarding the latest developments in the health & fitness industry.'
  • 'At first I regarded personal training as a necessity, but after a while I enjoyed it much more than I ever imagined. I enjoyed it even more than running, which I had been doing for a long time. A few weeks after I started personal training I noticed that I became stronger and that my body started changing; that felt great! It made me feel so excited that I decided to increase my training frequency to two sessions per week. I love the fact that with personal training I do not have to prepare the training or think about the content, there is a lot of variety and whenever I lack motiva-tion there is always the trainer who makes sure I will work out and head home feeling satisfied.'