Would you like to work out with a friend or your partner?
Are you looking for a bootcamp trainer for a group of friends? Or would you like to do yoga with some colleagues during lunch break?

Duo training, small group training or training sessions with a corporate group or friends on a one time or regular basis: Optimiz will select the trainer best suited to your wishes.

Optimiz regularly organises group training sessions for bootcamp, kickboxing, running, pilates and road cycling among others where everyone is welcome to join in. These training sessions are announced in our newsletter and our social media

There are interesting tax benefits for employers and corporate groups who want to improve their fitness in the workplace rather than in the local gym.

According to the ’employment costs arrangement’ (Dutch: werkkostenregeling) exercising in the workplace is tax free, but if the workouts take place externally, this zero tax benefit is no longer applicable. Optimiz can help make the most of this arrangement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.